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A Quiet Pentecost: Inviting the Spirit into Congregational Life

quiet-pentecostA Quiet Pentecost: Inviting the Spirit into Congregational Life was released in February, 2013. Published by Upper Room Books, this work describes applications of spiritual formation practices from more than 40 contributors. Their work offers an inspiring focus on congregations that are listening to God's guidance and offering engaging ministries in their communities. The book can be used for your congregation to develop its unique spiritual life focus. Explore connections on my author's page at Upper Room Books.

Discerning Life Transitions: Listening Together in Spiritual Direction

discerning-life-transitionsDiscerning Life Transitions: Listening Together in Spiritual Direction is an October, 2010, release from Morehouse. It is imprint of Spiritual Directors International. For direct information from the publisher visit here. This book is a resource for anyone who is engaging in a discernment process of a major decision. In the many domains of our life, we can expect major shifts to occur over our life span. Using psychological and spiritual resources, explore decisions related to career, location, or relationship concerns. Also examine images of God and prayer resources in such a time of transition. Each chapter concludes with exercises for reflection which have been developed in retreat settings. The book is for spiritual directors working with people in transition as well as for individuals and small groups examining life transitions.

Christian Meditation and Inner Healing

christian-meditationFirst published in 1991 by Crossroad, Christian Meditation and Inner Healing is available in new reprint from OSL Publications. This book explores a variety of historic Christian meditation practices including lectio divina (meditating on scripture), the Jesus Prayer, and Centering Prayer. Transpersonal psychology provides a model for deep inner healing work through meditative prayer practices.

Quest for the Mystical Christ: Awakening the Heart of Faith

questQuest for the Mystical Christ: Awakening the Heart of Faith was published in 2003 by OSL Publications. The book poses the thesis that the inner Christ discovered in our present prayer experience is a manifestation of the resurrected Christ of the New Testament. Grounded extensively in New Testament sources, the book lifts up the themes of Jesus Christ, the Teacher; Jesus Christ, the Healer; and Jesus Christ, the Lord of History. These ancient themes are set in the context of contemporary discoveries of the mind/body connection in medicine.

Embracing God: Praying with Teresa of Avila

embracing-godEmbracing God: Praying with Teresa of Avila was published in 1996 by Abingdon. Teresa of Avila is our guide both to inner states of prayer and to faithful service in the world. Our prayer life deepens through understanding of the prayer of recollection, the prayer of quiet and the prayer of union. Teresa's descriptions of the seven levels of The Interior Castle provide help to all serious practitioners of contemplative prayer. We discover her four key categories of prayer experience: Healing, Knowledge, Vision, and Joy.

Healing the Male Soul: Christianity and the Mythic Journey

healing-soulNow out of print, Healing the Male Soul: Christianity and the Mythic Journey, was published in 1992 by Crossroad. The book provides themes of Courage, Vision, Fortitude, and Service that have been hallmarks of Western male consciousness when at its best. The destructive aspects of male psychology are also explored. An evolutionary approach to consciousness is developed through resources of Greek mythology, Judeo-Christian scripture, and the stories of the Holy Grail. The book posits three dominant archetypes still at work within the male psyche: the hero-warrior, the hero-transcendent, and the hero-creative. Available from resalers. The book was published in Portuguese translation in 1998 by Paulus in Sao Paulo, Brasil, under the title Curando a Alma Masculina: o christianismo e a jornada mítica.

Additional books to which I have contributed chapters:

Modern Psychology and Ancient Wisdom: Psychological Healing Practices from the World's Religious Traditions

Psychospiritual Clinicians Handbook: Alternative Methods for Understanding and Treating Mental Disorders

Textbook of Transpersonal Psychiatry and Psychology